6 Ways to Ring In the New Year With Body Intelligence

Now this is how you make 2017 your best year yet.

By Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, Steve Sisgold


1. Planning with body intelligence

The new year is the perfect time to get use your body intelligence create the 2017 that you want for yourself. Here’s some body intelligent tips to help you have success in every area of your life.


2. Eating with body intelligence

This is more than just “how to lose that holiday weight”—it’s the fundamental key to an enriched lifelong relationship with food.  Before you choose what to cook, order or pile on your plate, take a deep breath into your belly, and ask that simple question to your body—what do you really want?  Are you actually hungry?  Or just anxious or excited or sad?  Is your body really asking for the double chocolate cake?  If your body were in charge of eating what would nourish you, what would she or he pick?  Food is your medicine.  Let your body guide you to just the nutrients it needs and wants right now.


3. Sleeping with body intelligence

When you wake in the morning, is your body happy to get out of bed? Or do you want to burrow back under the covers? If you’re tired until your morning cup of Joe or tea or caffeine of your choice, you likely need a bit more sleep. Getting enough sleep is associated with less depression and anxiety, better concentration, and more productivity. Close your eyes right now and sense your body. Do you need more rest? If so, consider setting yourself up for an earlier bedtime or an afternoon nap. Schedule your evenings so that you have plenty of time to get to bed at the right time for you.


4. Loving with body intelligence

Do you know that having a variety of people that you care about and are in touch with is more important to your health than whether you smoke or exercise? Love heals us—literally! And there is no better guide to whom to love and be around than your body (and not in the way you’re thinking!). Consider how you’d like to love in 2017 and then consider who you can be around that supports you in that desire. Note how your body feels when you are with people you trust, who see your unique gifts, and help you be your best self. And notice how your body feels when you’re around people who aren’t trustworthy, or who dwell on your flaws. Use your body’s reactions as your compass to choose friends, colleagues and lovers who help you be an even better version of yourself in 2017.


5. Working with body intelligence

No matter what work you do, most likely at some time you use a computer, smart phone, tablet or some device. The more we use them however, the more we build stress in our minds and bodies. We move less and stare at screens more. And our posture suffers. Over time, experts say, this type of poor posture, sometimes called “text neck,” can lead to early wear-and-tear on the spine, degeneration, and even surgery, all leading to more stress on the body/mind. This year make it a resolution to stay more aware of your body. Keep your head up and don’t lean in to your devices. Have them adjust to you instead of you adjusting to them. And most of all listen to your body’s intelligence when it signals you to stop and take a stretch break.


6. Staying on purpose with body intelligence

Having a sense of purpose will help you actualize your dreams and goals as it infuses meaning into what you choose. It also guides you through each twist and turn you might face on the way to your destination. However many of us forget the original reason we chose to set a goal in the first place, and get taken off course. That’s why when you embody and feel your purpose for doing something, instead of just thinking about it, chances are you will waver less, and get to where you want to go more. Your “embodied” purpose will help you navigate and make better decisions, with more clarity and confidence. Take a few deep breaths and ask yourself, as you design this year’s action plan, “What is the purpose of this decision? Then listen to what your body has to say. Does it feel tingly in your belly? Or are you gripping your fists for dear life? Your body’s intelligence will alert you to whether it feels aligned or misaligned with your purpose. Let your embodied purpose be at the core of this year’s resolutions.


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